Sydney Printmakers: In the Shade II exhibition explores forty-one artists’ ideas around the concept of living in a hot and changing climate. Using both traditional and contemporary forms of printmaking, Sydney Printmakers draw from architectural, environmental and poetic dimensions of dwelling in the heat; whether it be the built environment that provides forms of shelter from searing heat or a reflection on the impact of steadily rising global temperatures on the natural environment.

Sydney Printmakers have a reputation for excellence in printmaking, which is a testament to the collective abilities of its members. The group has continually engaged with national and international print communities through exhibitions, collaborations and exchanges. Sydney Printmakers formed nearly sixty years ago and continue to evolve in a contemporary art context.

Sydney Printmakers' portfolios are held in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Australia and have exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally including New Zealand, Canada, China, Chile, Norway and Japan.

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