Book a fun clay activity and make a clay pot. Suitable for ages from five years old , all is included- clay, tools to use, glazes and the two kiln firings of your unique pot.

They will support and guide you to make a koala plant pot or food safe bowl.

In this activity you will be using simple tools with the clay. To give you the feeling you are part of nature. By creating and building with clay and feeling the earth. You will actually make a vessel you can use and is food safe high fired ware. Adding your own unique style.

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    Saturday 3rd Oct 20 - Sunday 11th Oct 20
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    Clay Koala
    15 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, 2444
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    0427 953 824
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    [email protected]
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    Actively welcomes people with access needs.
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