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Foreshore Activities

Dates vary- see below.

*FLOOD UPDATE 31 March- Some of the foreshore activities have been cancelled or moved due to flood impacts, including those that were based at Port Marina. Please refer to the program below rather than the printed program for the most up to date information.

The Hastings River weaves through the Port Macquarie-Hastings region, reflecting its past, and remaining a current source of life, recreation and inspiration. 

Site/Display details

Coral Trekker, Sydney Harbor Tall Ship - 10 -18 April
Lady Nelson Wharf, Horton Street (River End) 

The Coral Trekker is a 23-metre, square rigged, wooden tall ship sailing up to Port Macquarie and will be moored at Lady Nelson Wharf, located at the end of the Horton Street on Town Green. Touch the old timber of the ship and feel real maritime history with public access times throughout the visit. Experience sailing on this authentic and traditional vessel with 1-hour sails, or if you’ve got more time, a weekend lunch or daily dinner sail enjoying a tasty meal onboard. Tickets start at $15. And for the adventurous ones there's the opportunity to join this little ship on one or more of its east coast voyages this year up to Cooktown and back. 

Visit here for ticket information or call 02 8015 5571.  

Air Force Roulettes - Sunday 18 April at 5pm

Town Green

We are super excited to announce that the Air Force Roulettes (the Royal Australian Air Force's aerobatic display team) will be joining us on the final day of our Bicentenary event!

The best vantage point for their 15 minute aerobatic display will be Town Green. Their aircraft - the Pilatus PC-21 – is one of the most advanced training aircraft in the world. Roulette displays are flown all around Australia and consist of a number of manoeuvres flown in various formations at low level. They are an extension of formation, aerobatics, low level flying, and airmanship skills, taught to Air Force pilots and developed throughout their career.

The Roulettes fly as low as 250 feet (80 m) at speeds of up to 370 knots  to 685km/h and pilots can experience up to 6 ‘G', or 6 times, the force of gravity during a display. Flying as close as three metres apart, the team showcases the level of visual judgement and hand-eye coordination that pilots in the Air Force are able to achieve.

Mid North Coast Maritime Museum Pilot Boathouse -6pm to 9pm, 10-18 April
Clarence Street, River End 

The historic Pilot Boat Shed located at the western end of Clarence Street was moved to this location in 1953. It was built over 120 years ago and housed the Pilot’s boat. It originally stood eastwards along the river front, near the Royal Hotel. Here you will see model ships, the training sail-boat "Anzac", a wall display of tools used by boat-builders and more local maritime history. 

Traditional Canoe Making -17&18 April, 9am to 3pm
**Moved to: Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, 159 Pacific Drive**

Participate in learning the cultural skills of traditional canoe making using locally sourced Blue Leaved Stringybark (Eucalyptus agglomerate) to construct a 2-metre bark canoe and 3 smaller one metre model canoes.

John Kelly (Neville McKenzie) 

John ‘Gurri’ Kelly is an Aboriginal artist whose art depicts stories from his home and the people of the Dunghutti Nation, Kempsey on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. With every brush stroke he imparts his own special brand of cultural knowledge.  

Through his art, Gurri has been able to express his passion and love for his culture and traditions in a way that has brought him personal satisfaction as well as success and recognition.  

He carries on the beliefs of his father that culture is a way of tomorrow, by passing it onto his sons and daughters and his grandchildren, hoping that it is dreamtime tomorrow and not a nightmare tomorrow. 

Better known as Gurri, he is a culturally minded man as we look beyond the stories that become paintings and are a journey of dreamtime stories that come through him. 

Fred Kelly 

Fred is a proud Dunghutti/Thunghutti/Worimi descendent who was born and raised in Kempsey. He grew up on an Aboriginal mission at new Burnt Bridge, near Kempsey, and attended the local all-Aboriginal school. He is now an Elder with extensive cultural knowledge.  

He is a cultural educator who has qualifications in adult education and training. He has also studied mental health and has extensive experience working with youth and especially “youth at risk”.  

He learnt about resilience from his parents as well as from his grandmother and has grown up as part of a close extended family. He has devoted several decades in working for the local community in a variety of paid and volunteer situations.  

He is an advocate for reconciliation. 

Port Macquarie Surf Museum Pop Up

**Moved to: Port Macquarie Maritime Museum, 17 April from 5pm to 8pm.**

A pop-up display at the Port Macquarie Maritime Museum's 'Night at the Museum' on April 17th. Check out their displays of old surfboards dating from 1940's to mid 70's and photos of surfing and beach activities around the beaches of the Port Macquarie-Hastings region. Port Macquarie is one of the 1st places where surfing commenced in Australia, as it is here at Town Beach in 1912 when Harry McLaren and 2 mates tried surfing on home made surf skis. 

Visit www.portmacquariesurfmuseum.co... 

*Note: Due to the flood impact, these vessels have been removed from the Foreshore Activities: Australian Border Force Island Class Vessel 'Lord Howe Island', Coffs Harbour Water Police, Port Stephens Water Police, Newmans College vessel 'XLCR', Mid North Coast Maritime Museum historic vessels.

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Flood Update

The Greater Port Macquarie region experienced significant flooding over the period 19-24 March, and parts of the region have been impacted. Click here for more information.