When you explore beyond the main town centres you'll find sleepy coastal villages and authentic rural townships.  Complete with friendly locals, some quirky shops and cafes plus a real sense of community and identity.


Head into the hinterland and discover Comboyne! Renowned for its astounding panoramic views and wilderness, it is also home to prime dairy farms and more recently plantings of avocados, macadamias, blueberries and other fruits and vegetables.  The township is nestled below Mt Bulli on the Comboyne Plateau approximately 60 km south-west of Port Macquarie. It is a small village known for its local cafés, the Coffee Hangar and Ruby's Cafe, which offer fresh country food and great milkshakes.  They host an annual Show in March where you can watch mowers race, see the award winning Clydesdale horses in action and generally soak up the vibes of a genuine country fair.



Kendall is known for magnificent nature and virtuoso violinists!  It is a picturesque village named after Australian poet Henry Kendall, whose melodious poems, such as Bell Birds, described the natural beauty of the bush.  In September Australia’s young virtuoso violinists also compete in the annual Kendall National Violin Competition.  You can enjoy bushwalking in old growth forests and subtropical rainforest in Middle Brother National Park. The park protects two of Australia’s largest blackbutt trees, Bird Tree and Benaroon. The trees are more than 300 years old. Swans Crossing, in Kerewong State Forest, is a popular spot for picnics and camping. You can hire a fully equipped camper trailer to hitch to your car from Kendall Kampers.  Drop into Miss Nellies Cafe for tasty home cooked treats and if you're a crafty or thrifty type pop into the Railway Craft shop or the local Kendall Community Op Shop.;

  • Kendall Craft Jeremy Rogers 8
  • Miss Nellies Jeremy Rogers 2
  • Comboyne Blueberry And Avocado Farm

Telegraph Point

Telegraph Point is located on the banks of the Wilson River which played an important role in the logging of the surrounding forests.  There are remains of several old wharves to be seen here, the best-preserved of which is on the south bank beside the traffic bridge in Log Wharf Reserve.  Apparently the town's name is derived from the telegraph line which crossed the river in 1869.  Local activities include waterskiing at Stoney Aqua Park, mountain bike riding, bush walking, four-wheel-driving, camping, swimming, rock hopping in streams and creeks and picnicking. The village lies between two areas of state forest. South of the village is Cairncross State Forest, while to the north is Ballengarra State Forest.

  • Dunbogan Boatshed By Lindsay Moller
  • Dunbogan Sunset By Matt Cramer
  • Lake Cathie Access Friendly Fishing Platform

Lake Cathie & Bonny Hills

Travelling south along Ocean Drive you pass through the laidback coastal villages of Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills. Offering some of the best surfing beaches and fishing holes on the coast. There are ample opportunities to take in the spectacular coastal views from the headlands looking over some 14 kilometres of pristine beaches. 

But wait there are MORE!  

  • Dunbogan
  • Long Flat 
  • Pappinbarra 
  • Beechwood 
  • Pembroke 
  • Kew 
  • Byabarra 
  • Rollands Plains 
  • Bellangry
  • Herons Creek and more..
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