Rebel with a Cause - Celebrating a Conservation Hero

Ever wonder why our Coastal Walk is so blissfully development-free? It wasn’t always this way. This stunning stretch from Westport Park to Lighthouse Beach is free for all to enjoy because of the actions of a determined local lady named Grace Easterbrook, and her establishment of the Port Macquarie Conservation Society (PMCS) 50 years ago, in 1971.

Grace formed the Society in response to a high-rise development proposal at Windmill Hill, and they campaigned for decades to successfully protect Port Macquarie’s precious coastline from development. Our pristine Coastal Walk is their legacy. PMCS also fought to save Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park and supported efforts to gazette Sea Acres National Park. We can also thank them for the preservation of the Historic Courthouse and the site of Mrs York's Garden.

Their vision for our region was controversial at the time, going up against conservative bureaucracy and developer interests to protect what is now considered to be some of the region’s most precious natural assets.

Many in our region feel a debt of gratitude to Grace Easterbrook, PMCS, and subsequent local environmental groups who have done so much to save our precious nature. It’s fitting that this year, being the 50th anniversary of the Conservation Society, we commemorate Grace with a signage panel at Windmill Hill. 

You should also check out our beautiful nightly screening of 'Wakulda', projecting onto the Historic Courthouse. Grace is honoured in this production as a significant historical identity.


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    Take in the stunning coastline along 9km of the picturesque Port Macquarie coastal walk. Starting from Town Green in Port Macquarie's CBD heading south to the Tacking Point Lighthouse, overlooking Lighthouse Beach. Find out more here.

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