I like to think that I live my life simply, in harmony with nature and others. I care about creating community, creativity, self-awareness, healthy living and protection of the environment.

I moved to Port Macquarie from Sydney in 2004 in search of my little paradise on the coast. Somewhere I could enjoy long walks in nature. Somewhere I could live without having to rush. Somewhere I could inspire people to learn about yoga in all its facets and through that find more balance and more happiness in their lives. As it turned out, Port Macquarie was the right choice for all of that and more.


Yoga inspires my life.  It is a practice that started on a yoga mat and has become a way of life. I started The Yoga Shala when I moved to Port Macquarie as a place to share my love of yoga and the benefits it has brought to my life. Today I am surrounded by a community of like-minded, supportive people, living their lives with purpose.  We love learning more about yoga and sharing it more broadly, which has led to the creation of Ekam Yoga Festival, an annual celebration of yoga and natural health and living in Port Macquarie. Now in its third year the festival attracts new and experienced yogis from the Mid North Coast and beyond.


The face of the city has been changing rapidly in the past few years. Passionate foodies have moved here and opened cafes and restaurants that serve local, fresh produce. The Glasshouse has given us access to culture and art. More diversity within the population is making Port a more vibrant and interesting place to be. It seems that there are almost weekly events within the Hastings now. I love going to the monthly Artist Markets. The Artwalk has also been a great new addition, showcasing local arts outdoors. My partner, Juan, is an artist and holds an annual contemporary art exhibition “Oneline” at Sunset Gallery, which is one of the highlights of my year.Art-appreciation-at-Artwalk.jpg#asset:82

Despite the rapid growth, the natural beauty of our local environment remains. I have a dog , Zali, now, so I get to enjoy long walks daily. One of my more regular local walking spots is Koolongbung Creek Nature Reserve, a hidden gem right in the heart of town, with mangroves, gums and lots of wildlife. I regularly get to see Koalas and waterdragons, with the occasional snake thrown in for good measure.

On Saturday mornings Zali and I walk down to The Lost Plot Community Garden. I was involved in setting up the garden and am now a member of the committee that manages the garden.  I’m passionate about growing food but have always been a bit of a hit-and-miss gardener. Being involved with The Lost Plot has allowed me to learn from others and make my own home gardening more productive. Juan does most of the cooking at home and he loves love being able to use freshly harvested pesticide-free produce fresh from our garden. The-Lost-Plot-Community-Garden.jpg#asset

Yet, it’s probably the community aspect of The Lost Plot that is closest to my heart. The garden has brought together people of all ages and from all walks of life to grow food communally and learn about gardening; but the magic that has happened is that many friendships have developed from that, and a much broader culture of sharing has been created.

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