We really do have a slice of the good life here, with so many great things to see and do! Since starting Frankies Travel  I’ve been lucky enough to discover even more hidden gems along the way that help make Port that much more special.

We have so many stunning coastal walks, and as a lighthouse local I can’t go past Tacking Point Lighthouse and the long stretch of Lighthouse Beach, with everything from a huge staircase for those keen to sweat it out, to an area designated for dog walking and even camel riding further down the beach. From the lighthouse look out there’s often dolphins spotted playing in the waves and surfers catching the waves. This time of year it’s the perfect spot for whale watching too as it juts out into the water. Tacking Point Lighthouse is a little piece of history for our area as the 3rd lighthouse built in Australia from 1879, it’s now the perfect back drop to many wedding photos and tourist snaps!


  • Douglas Vale Historic Homestead
  • Douglas Vale Historic Homestead and Vineyard is a great little spot right in the heart of Port Macquarie for your history and wine fix all rolled into one! It’s a hidden little gem and such a beauty not just for the setting but for the passionate team of volunteers that pour love into it. They offer historical tours of the sight and of course wine tastings!

  • Long Point Sculptures
  • Artists & Art Galleries, we have many artists and galleries dotted around the region, one of the more hidden gems being Long Point Vineyard & Art Gallery showcasing local artists with new displays every 8 weeks, and the best thing about it is there’s art, and there’s wine, a double win in our opinion!

Local Farmers, our beautiful region was built on farming and thankfully our legacy continues with many varied farms sprinkled all throughout Greater Port Macquarie. I would like to take you on a journey to a few of these. Rockin Oysters is just one of the oyster farmers in our Region delivering Sydney Rock Oysters fresh to your doorstep, however set amongst the beauty of Dunbogan why not pop out for a visit and get your oysters farm fresh?! Of course many are already aware of  Ricardoes Tomatoes and Stawberries a fantastic day trip out with juicy ripe strawberries for the picking, not such a secret but certainly a gem in our region.

Boutique Wineries and Breweries, we’ve all heard of the less hidden gem Cassegrain Winery with their unique behind the scenes tour and Two Triple Four Restaurant...but did you know we have another 6 wineries within the Hastings River Region, not to mention 2 boutique breweries just a hop skip and a jump away? Some more secret jewels are Bago Vineyard and Maze with the largest hedge maze in NSW and Little Fish Cafe & Innes Lake Vineyard with a french styled menu and wine tastings. 


If the wineries aren’t enough to make you thirsty than perhaps the Breweries will with Black Duck Brewery offering a great relaxed atmosphere and a working brewery on site, so you can learn the craft then sit back and relax with a cold one. Wicked Elf Beer has award winning beers and a paddle beer tasting experience as well. 

So with all these treasures sprinkled throughout our region plus many more local Tour Guides and Drivers Monique & Michael have put together some wonderful half day and full day itineraries to explore these specialised businesses - tying together some truly great food, wine and Brewery experiences for a great day out! 

For more inspiration for your next Port Macquarie adventure take a look at this video  as we join Monique and Frankie on a magical bus tour!

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