We just love feeling connected to something bigger...

My name is Drury Woolnough, my wife Kate and I moved to Port Macquarie from Sydney 4 years ago looking for a better quality of life to raise our two young children and we haven’t looked back.

Being part of a community has always been an integral part of how we live our lives, I don’t think this has ever been a conscious decision, but it has become apparent, particularly through our cafe, that this is what we do, we just love feeling connected to something bigger.

Port Macquarie has so much going on. There are some really great people pushing forward our food and arts scene, as well as the natural beauty that surrounds us completely. Its got it all, and it really is just so easy and accessible.

Our thanks to Dru and Kate for being brave and giving us a glimpse into their lives.  They walk it like they talk it as anyone who has been to Drury Lane Eatery  will know.  It's a locals favourite where you can always find good food, good people and good conversations.

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