Port Macquarie Loves Koalas!

As well as having the world's only dedicated Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie's coastal areas are a significant habitat for wild koalas. If you wander around the right areas in the Port Macquarie region, it's likely you'll spot a koala in the wild.  Many locals enjoy having koalas visit their back yards on a regular basis, and they can often be seen in roadside and bush reserves in urban areas.  Our koala population has suffered during the recent bushfires, however we are working hard to ensure the survival of the species.  

If you're wondering how you can help, here are some ideas:

  • Visit the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital (BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED-SEE HERE).
  • Visit Billabong Zoo Wildlife & Koala Park.  There are plenty of Koalas to get up close to, and the talks are really informative and fun. 
  • Download the 'I Spy Koala' app and do some koala spotting and recording!  You can use the app to record the condition and location of the koala, as well as upload pics. This will then go through to a centralised NSW Government database. The data you collect will be used to inform koala management and conservation strategies for this important habitat. Plus, you'll get to wander around some beautiful areas and get to see Koalas in the wild. It's a win-win! 
  • Areas where koalas can often be spotted include Koolunbung Creek Nature Reserve, Sea Acres National Park, and bushy corridors around Shelly Beach and Lighthouse Beach (including the urban roadside bush areas and playgrounds).
  • Get involved in tree planting days. Keep an eye out via Landcare and other environmental groups for dates and details.



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Flood Update

The Greater Port Macquarie region experienced significant flooding over the period 19-24 March, and parts of the region have been impacted. Click here for more information.