Whether you are standing on a vantage point along our stunning coastline or chasing ocean waves on a jetboat, the chances of spotting whales breaching during their May to November migration, is very likely. 


Take a whale watching cruise with Port Jet Cruise Adventures, their tours are done in a safe and comfortable environment. It's an unforgettable experience exploring the ocean for humpbacks, southern rights and other whales as they journey along our coastline and feed on an abundance of small fish and prawns in the waters.

  • Whales Watching Port Macquarie
  • Whale Watching By Kate Begg
  • Whale Watching Joy By Jodie Lowe

For those of you who like to have your feet planted firmly on terra firma we have plenty of vantage points for you to visit so you can witness this wonderful spectacle and take in our stunning coastline at the same time. 


Really anywhere along the coast is likely to deliver a moment to cherish but here are a few suggestions on where you can take in the view and the action out on the water..... dont forget your camera!

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