Dogs are an important member of many families, the thought of leaving them behind can be stressful for you and of course for your four legged friend! 

To help you enjoy your holiday and make the most of being together we have put together some guides on where to stay and where to play.  Many of our cafes are also dog friendly, offering a bowl of water and outdoor options for you and your dog to enjoy the fresh air, along with the chance of meeting other four legged friends as well.


Dog Friendly Beaches

Exploring new places and meeting new friends are all part of a happy dog's lifestyle.  We have 8 dog friendly beaches in the region just waiting for you and your dog to enjoy.  

Click on our Dog Friendly Beach Guide for information on where to head to.


Dog Friendly Accommodation

Greater Port Macquarie is a pet friendly destination and we have a variety of accommodation venues that may suit what you are looking for.  We do recommend that you ring and book your preferred accommodation option ahead of time, to ensure that there is availability and to make sure that there aren't certain times of the year that they do not allow pets.  

Our guide on Pet Friendly Accommodation is a starting point for who to contact. 


Dog Friendly Parks

We have a wonderful variety of areas for you to let your beloved four legged friend stretch their legs and play with some new found friends.  Port Macquarie Hastings Council has provided a list of areas that are available for the enjoyment of everyone.

Dog Friendly Locations to visit whilst in our region.

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