Tony Williams: Painter


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I've been a painter now for about 18 years and before that I was a potter with my own studio practice in the Blue Mountains. All while working full-time. A change of circumstances so I took up painting. I then had a studio at the Lennox Street Artist Studios in Newtown for many years. A great place to live and work. 

I retired to live in Port almost four years ago and resumed painting at my home. Surprising to me after thinking I'd never leave Newtown, I love living in Port and feel very comfortable here.  

I describe my pictures as Abstract Australian Landscape - more or less! I find endless inspiration in the wonderful Australian country, both our seascapes, the ever changing glorious Centre of our country, and the mountains and gullies of the Blue Mountains, the Colo region [where I grew up] to the north of there, and the Central tablelands of NSW.  I feel I have this affinity with our awe-inspiring landscapes and my artwork is my interpretation of this landscape. I love it. 

I'm planning an extensive trip this year through the Centre of Australia, the North and the West Coast. I hope [I'm sure!] the experiences and landscapes I visit will inspire my work in the future. 

What mediums do you use?

I paint with acrylic paints on canvas. I prefer acrylics for their immediacy and vibrancy. At times I use impasto and also found materials like netting, string, tissue or corrugated paper to add texture to some works. I also use oil crayons for definition and pattern. I prefer working with a larger canvas. I find smaller canvases too restricting of the way I work. 

How long have you been practicing?

I've been a painter for the past 18 years. Before that I was a potter for about 35 years with my own studio and practice. I worked full time while practicing except the last few years since I retired to live in Port Macquarie.   

How would you describe your creative process and where do you get your inspiration?

Good question! I certainly get my inspiration from our endlessly wonderful country. The viewer will see from my work that I don't describe myself as a realist but my work does derive from my perceptions of the country. I find endless variety in our landforms and vegetation. From the inspiration of this variety it becomes my interpretation that I transfer to the canvas.

I begin a canvas without much of an idea of form but begin by making lines and patches of colour on the canvas. As I add colour, lines, texture I respond to those markings and the painting begins to take form. As this develops I can then begin to in-fill colours and markings until the painting begins to take form of its own. I might leave the canvas for a period of time and just let it be there in my view. This time allows me to respond to its form and whether I feel it is completed or not or if something more needs to be added. 

Sometimes I never know when its enough but there comes a point when I am satisfied to let it be finished. 

 What do you love the most about the Greater Port Macquarie Region?

I love the environment we live in - the seascapes, the rocky headlands, the beaches, the close brush of the beach dunes. I love the estuarine areas, the tropical wetlands opposite my house. I also love my house, the place I live. I enjoy the convenience of getting around Port too compared to the inner city where I came from!

My studio is my double garage in my house. I'm very comfortable here  

Where can people find your work?

My home studio at 262 Crestwood Drive, by appointment 


Facebook: tonywilliamsartist

Instagram: tonywilliams

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0406 515 710


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