Take a ride and enjoy the scenery

Jump in the saddle with Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre  and enjoy a ride through a vineyard.  The beauty of Lighthouse Beach is even more breathtaking when atop an Australian camel meandering along the golden sands with Port Macquarie Camel Safaris. If an exhilarating ride chasing waves and dolphins sounds like your kind of scenic animal encounter then jump on board the Waverider with Port Jet Cruise Adventures they also have river cruises where dolphins love to escort your cruise and from May to November the Whale Watching Cruises are a must do with them and Cruise Port Macquarie.

Face to face up-close encounters

See rare and endangered animals such as snow leopards, red pandas or a monster 5 metre croc called Shrek at Billabong Zoo Koala and Wildlife Park. Enjoy their much loved Zoo talks that run on the hour all day and you can even book up-close personal encounters with some very special animals. Take a Walk, Talk and Feed tour at the Koala Hospital which is on every day at 3pm and see the great work of it's volunteers at the world's first hospital dedicated to the care and preservation of koalas. For a slightly different face to face encounter take the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail and see how many you can find, check out their Trial Guide for locations.

Say gidday to a local

No matter where you explore the chance of meeting a local in their habitat is likely.  Take a walk along the elevated boardwalk through the rainforest canopy in Sea Acres Rainforest Centre and be on the look out above and below for wildlife.  Enjoy fish and chips on the foreshore of our beautiful waterways and chances of a visit from local pelicans and seagulls will make for an interesting feed. Or switch around from feeding yourself to feeding the fish from the deck at Dunbogan Boatshed, its a sight to be seen!  In 52 hectares of natural bushland Koolunbung Creek Nature Park and Walking Trails is just 5 minutes walk from Port Macquarie town centre and home to over 165 species of birds, reptiles and flying foxes.

  • Dunbogan Boatshed And Marina Fish Feeding
  • Pelican Welcoming Committee By Matt Cramer
  • Kooloonbung Creek Walking Trail
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