Skydive Port Macquarie is an independently owned dropzone offering tandem skydives and student courses. They are lucky enough to boast some of the most vivid coastal and hinterland views on the east coast. What better way to experience the mid north coast than from the sky.

They will have you take off from Port Macquarie airport where you will fly over some of the most picturesque beaches in Australia on your climb up to 14,000 feet. Once they reach altitude you and your experienced tandem master will leave the aircraft entering into a freefall lasting up to 50 seconds.

After the rush of falling towards the earth at 200 kilometres per hour you’ll be able to enjoy approximately four or five minutes under canopy taking in all the majestic scenery the mid north coast has to offer before touching down safely back at the airport.

This listing was updated on 02/07/2020 by SKYDIVE PORT MACQUARIE PTY LTD.. Port Macquarie-Hastings Council accepts no liability for inaccuracies or errors in the above listing.


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