Port Jet's beautiful boat the "Wave Rider" is one of Port Macquarie's favourite water-based attractions.

Wave Rider is purpose built for our beautiful region, she will blast you out to sea in absolute comfort and safety to spend more time with the whales.

Port Jet spends more time on the water per whale watching trip - up to one and a half hours.

You can also hop aboard Wave Rider on the 'Ocean Blast' ride and rocket down the coastline in complete safety and comfort to see all of Port Macquarie's beaches.

Top speeds on the thrill ride are in excess of 100 kilometres per hour thanks to the three environmentally friendly 300 horsepower V6 outboard engines - a total of 900 horsepower!

Port Jet also operates one of the only hire-and-drive jet ski parks in New South Wales. Drive it yourself - no license required.

So 'Follow The Yellow Boat' and come ride with them!

This listing was updated on 28/03/2018 by Port Jet. Port Macquarie-Hastings Council accepts no liability for inaccuracies or errors in the above listing.


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