At the northern tip of the Barrington Coast you will find the beautiful Diamond Head Beach and its iconic rock formations.

Many eastern grey kangaroos call this beach and the neighboring campsite home. It's common to see them skipping across the white sand, catching some shade under the beach vegetation or even taking a dip in the ocean to cool off.

The Diamond Head Loop Track is accessible from the beach and stretches across the rocky headland south to Kylies Beach. Pack your camera for some breathtaking views!

Diamond Head Beach is 4WD accessible from the campsite in the south and Dunbogan in the north. A NSW National Parks Pass is required to drive on the beach.

About our region: The Barrington Coast is famous for its forests, waterways and beaches as well as its 15 national parks and 63 state forests, nature reserves and conservation areas. Their fertile lands are watered by 38 rivers including the only double delta in the southern hemisphere and the state's tallest single drop waterfall at 200 metres. The Barrington Coast also enjoys a pristine triple lakes system and over 190 kilometres of absolutely stunning coastline.

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