The association has over 180 members of whom 50 or more are exhibiting at our gallery at any given time. Artists are practiced plein air and demonstration practitioners and many have won awards regionally and beyond.

Port Central-Opposite Fight Centre

October 1 - Christine Pearce, Stuart Doherty, Patricia McInherny, and Leticia Louise Dodd

October 2 - Vivianne Hazenveld, Vana Ford

October 3 - Christine Pearce and Stuart Doherty

October 4 - Francessca O’Donnell and Anneka Mitchell

October 5 - Marita Dahlhausen, Deb Murrell and Silva Vaughan-Jones

October 6 - David Brooker and Aleisa Byfield

October 7 - Anneka Mitchell and Patricia McInherny

October 8 - Christine Pearce, Stuart Doherty, Patricia McInherny and Leticia Louise Dodd

Wauchope Community Arts and Creative Wauchope - Demonstrations from Exhibiting Artists