Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is committed to ensuring arts, heritage and culture play a strong role in the development of the Port Macquarie-Hastings region’s future, identity and sense of place. 

The Glasshouse is our flagship arts, conference and entertainment centre located in the heart of Port Macquarie CBD. The venue plays a key role in supporting Council’s cultural vision for the region and is home to high-quality spaces and state-of-the-art technical facilities including a 588-seat theatre, international standard regional gallery, performance studio, conference facilities, Visitor Information Centre, gift shop and heritage displays. 

Opened in July 2009, the venue is well established as a key centre for the delivery of high quality cultural, community and commercial activities on the NSW Mid North Coast. This year, the Glasshouse has offered their ‘shop’ windows facing Clarence Street for the reproduction of original artworks submitted by local artists. An eclectic range of visual mediums are on offer to view and appreciate as you stroll the Longest Footpath Art Gallery. Be sure to pop in and visit the beautiful Glasshouse Regional Gallery for its latest exhibitions and the Glasshouse Shop which is home to unique gifts, ranging from local produce and souvenirs to handcrafted jewellery. 

Please note: The Glasshouse Regional Gallery is closed on Mondays.

Featured Artist Banners:

Alana Cabrera | Gum Leaves

An embroidery that highlights the variety of colours in gum leaves. 

Amanda Merrifield | Their Oceans

I did these pieces in hope to spread awareness about the world's oceans. I am from Canada so the orcas especially hit close to home. I was also actually inspired to do an illustration of the hump back whales I see here in Port Macquarie, they are truly breathtaking!

Angela Marr-Grogan | Girambit ‘Saltwater’ 

Girambit was created in celebration of our stunning saltwater coastline and symbolises my deep love and profound connection to it. I’m a Birrbay woman and my traditional language name is ‘Gurrwa Marraygan’ meaning ‘Sea Spirit’.

Angela Roberts | Fish Dreaming

Biripi/Dunghutti/Kamilaroi Descent. This painting is called Fish Dreaming because the fish are of different seasons and designs, the colours would make you dream of them just by looking at it. As an Aboriginal Artist I love to use bright colours to attract people’s attention and tell stories of our culture and life using painting. 

Art By Jen Bee | World View

World globe on night sky with glow in the dark stars and country outlines.

Art Cowboy Litz | moo(n)

Originally my plan was to make a window display. For a week I worked feverishly on a textile piece, but didn't make the deadline. So I converted my work into a banner, while a DVD of mighty boosh played in the background. That my moon in space unintentionally ended up somewhat resembling a virus is something I will blame on 2020 as a whole.

Beric Henderson | Leviathon

I am a local artist and "Leviathon" represents my childhood fascination with whales and mysteries of the deep sea. It is an atmospheric portrait of a sperm whale made all the more poignant by the vertical format. Let's keep the ocean habitats clean and safe.

Bonyana Mavko | Sea Change

I am a Sydney based artist that has had a strong connection with Port Macquarie as an investment for the last 10 years. With my constant visits over the years, I have been fascinated by the beautiful town that Port Macquarie has evolved into and the wonderful community presence that is. The painted rocks by the foreshore have been a lovely contribution and connection for the people of Port and surrounds and so my works are based on its themes.

Brian Barker | Cattai Wetlands

This painting is a watercolour and ink on board mainly painted in open air on a trip to Cattai Wetlands near Taree. It is a magnificent flora -fauna reserve that is part of the river system that mergers with the Manning River, stretching from the edge of Crowdy Head National Park to west of Pacific Highway - wonderful place.

Brooke Brucesmith | Stormies in Detail

Stormriders represent all the Skaters, Music lovers and Artists out there; ensuring they are always decked out in the freshest threads and in-trend accessories. These pieces of artwork are inspired by Stormies and are filled with my inner feelings and thoughts...a whole lot of random, unexplainable detail.

Deb Murrell | Resilience!

Chris Roelandts is the Captain of Hollisdale RFS. During the height of the fires last year Chris returned from a backburning operation to a community dinner especially for RFS Firefighters at Hollisdale Hall in Pappinbarra. I like the slightly out of focus effect of his grimy tired face with the glint in his eyes that shows his character. 

Djiyagan Dhanbaan - Women’s Festival Collaborative Works 2019 | Nyiirun Djiyagan Wakulda

Women are stronger when weaving stories together, this creates a solid foundation to support each other in sisterhood. As sisters we reach out for each other and celebrate diversity within ourselves, each other and the community.

Fiona Solley | Coastal Walk Port Macquarie

With regular walks along this part of the coast, I've found it's my favourite way to unwind at the end of the day. I am always inspired by the interaction of the colours, shapes and textures of the coastal plants and the beach.

Francessca O'Donnell | Oceanic Sunset

As a nature lover and artist, sea creatures have always held a fascination for their diversity and a child like wonder for their unique shapes and forms. Like the vastness of the stars in the night sky, the ocean and its mystery, inspires imagination and creativity.

Fred Bullen | Found in the Bush

This is a feel-good painting.   The lizard isn't lost but the viewer may think they have 'found' the lizard in the painting so they feel good!

Jean Ballands | Canine Focus

Viewing a dog portrait involves seeing the painting as a whole and paying attention to the details, while absorbing the mood it portrays. There is a two-way observation. The dog in the painting also observes the human in the way that a pet observes us in everyday life.  

Kim Staples | Egret Spirit Bird

On the beautiful foreshores of the Mid North Coast you often see an Egret wading peacefully through the water. I have tried to capture their patient, graceful nature with fine lines and splashes of colour.

Leanne Prussing | Turtle

My son and I went swimming with this turtle.

Mikayla Harrison | Epoxy Ocean

The ocean is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I created this piece so that the emotions the ocean evokes can be experienced within the home. 

Patricia McInherny | Weaving Thyme with Trish: Sharing, Symbolising, Visualising, Linking then to Now and Reflecting. 

Patricia McInherny (Trish) is a Birpai woman who resides in country, the Hastings. Trish has a background in primary/secondary/tertiary teaching and loves to share her culture through art. Trish exhibits, runs workshops and online lessons. 

Rita Carosi | Paper Daisies

Traveling to Western Australia in 2017 I fell in love with the wild flowers. My work Paper Daisies is my interpretation of images I captured during my visit to Kings Park in Perth.

Roger Speaight | Down to the Beach

‘Down to the Beach', a translucent watercolour, is inspired by the magic glow of a morning sunrise over the ocean, and the wonderful majesty of tall gums looking out over a tranquil beach.

Ross Thompson | Bourke's Burn-off #2

After our disastrous bushfire season 19/20 there has been so many fire-hazard reduction burns throughout this winter, and this was one I was close to. After Covid-19, this is the next thing on most of our minds, as the seasons move inexorably towards the coming summer.

Sebastian Perri | Skate park

I am intrigued by skate parks. The shapes, forms and warn surfaces are a challenge to capture in paint. A repeated process of layering pencil and paint; which is then sanded, creates multiple layers of colour replicating the skate parks surface and alludes to the texture and colour of the warn surfaces on the underside of the skate boards.

Stu Murphy | The Lakes

Drone photos taken one week after the dune at Lake Cathie was cut this year draining both Lake Cathie and Lake Innes.

Todd Bourke | Varanus

My inspiration for this piece was focusing on the unique intricacies of the Australian Goanna, or "Monitor Lizard, such as the colours, textures and anatomical features, which would otherwise be overlooked throughout daily life. 

Tony Clark | Passing of Knowledge

This painting tells the story of passing down our culture, traditions, laws and land from one generation to another over time.

Vicki Martin | Creative Aesthetic

Creative Aesthetic is inspired by natural elements found in our environment when we delve closer, inspect and discover. The banner created from my photographic digital artwork, and accompanied by poetry, together reflect and hint on meaning, challenging the viewer to question what they perceive.

Vivianne Hazenveld | The Goddess

I have long been fascinated by the form of this ancient Egyptian Goddess figurine. Deeply powerful, she captures a sense of freedom and unashamed femininity. Highly experimental, I layered gesso, plaster, acrylics, watercolour and charcoal and let my creativity flow without having a set outcome in mind. 

Wayne Anderson | Bathu-Barray ‘Water and Country

The painting shows the challenge of understanding differences; how water and land have a complex relationship. Each of the parts seen in isolation come together with complexity, difference and connectedness. The ever-changing scene is best studied from above or with a holistic view.

Glasshouse Window Banner Gallery - Glasshouse Window Banner Gallery