My development as an artist has run alongside my development as a person. Each of the works I wish to show was created within different periods of understanding myself.

The wire figures were made before I had come out to friends and family but was still looking for a way to express how I felt. 

'Safe' (blue work) was painted after I came out to my friends and family and was made to create a conversation around the damage judgement can do to queer relationships.

'Perfect' (floral work) was painted once I entered into a heterosexual relationship and had both my sexuality and morals questioned amidst conversation surrounding my personal sex life.

 'Pride' (graffiti work) was started when I was still unsure of my sexuality but wasn't completed until this year!  I found it incredibly satisfying to come back to the unfinished work now being in such a comfortable place with myself and knowing fully who I am as a person.

Alycia Lipovac - Connecting with Myself
Alycia Lipovac - Connecting with Myself


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