"I create honest, authentic and individual hand-crafted ceramics with a contemporary aesthetic which includes homewares, jewellery and larger artistic works.  Inspired by the fragile, seductive and receptive nature of clay, I relish in the endless possibilities of ceramics, particularly for self exploration and expression.  

I largely find inspiration in the diversity and unpredictability of the textures, patterns and colours of the natural environment.  I see beauty in the flaws, scars and imperfections that are often overlooked.

My work denotes and explores the shared human experience of desiring acceptance regardless of our perceived differences.  We all may present or appear differently in the world by our colour, shape, size, lines, lumps, bumps and a blend of parts or all of those attributes but each person is as important as the other and no more special than the other.  We’re all a little broken, flawed, scarred and imperfect but also have strength and vulnerability within us.  We are all on our individual journeys with our own lessons, learnings, teachings and stories to tell but perhaps acceptance lies within ourselves and not from where we are seeking it."

Aleisa Byfield - Acceptance