ArtWalk 2021 Program Outline 

With thanks to Djuyalgu Wakulda, our local Gathang Language Group, ArtWalk 2021 will take inspiration from Dungang: Nyiirun girranggang ginyaanggang biladiyn (We are more alive and happier because of the river).

This year, ArtWalk’s main event will return to Port’s CBD as a fabulous evening program of open-air, COVID Safe, outdoor activations, on Friday 1 October, from 5pm-9pm PLUS additional activities continuing over the October long weekend (2-4 October).  

A NSW-wide digital marketing campaign will support ArtWalk 2021, and combined with the drawcard of the date (October school hols & Long Weekend), we're expecting around 15,000 people to head into the CBD over the 4-hour event period. It's going to be a great opportunity to showcase our place.

So, if you're a local artist, musician, performer, event organiser, creative group, business, bar, eatery, venue or attraction, read on to see how you can get on this beautiful bandwagon...

What we're planning for ArtWalk 2021

The evening program on Friday 1 October (5pm-9pm in Port's CBD) will feature live performances, music, digital content and lighting installations. Also, after the success of last year's 'Longest Footpath Gallery', CBD businesses are encouraged to partner with local artists and creatives to activate shop fronts and footpaths for the evening, and create surprising pockets of unexpected delight. And finally, we will continue to support aligned Satellite Events across the region as part of the marketed program, so if you have plans for a creative event, workshop, or activity over the October long weekend, join us, and benefit from the additional profile this event brings!

How can you get involved?

We're so glad you asked! There's loads of different ways for lots of different folk to get involved, and we've listed them below:

  1. Local artists are encouraged to approach a Port Macquarie CBD business about using a shop front for display/installations for the evening of the main event on Friday 1 October. 
  2. Planning a creative event, workshop or activity running over the October long weekend? Let us know here so we can feature you on our ArtWalk 2021 Satellite Events web page! 
  3. Local musicians, register your interest in Council's new 'Live and Local' Program, that will curate all live sets on the main event night. 
  4. Are you a local business or venue? Maximise exposure and offerings on the main event night and take advantage of the huge influx of ArtWalk visitors to the CBD. 
  5. Take part in an Artist Market on Friday 1 October by contacting Marketplace Events here.

Note: Expressions of interest for live performance sites are now closed.  

Choose the section number you're interested in above, then scroll down to your relevant section for more info...

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Are you a local artist, creative practitioner, or performer? ArtWalk 2021 suggests teaming up with a local shop in the Port Macquarie CBD to create a pop-up installation on Friday 1 October between 5.00pm-9.00pm

There is no registration process with Council this year, as these arrangements will be direct between the Artist and the Business. As ArtWalk 2021 will be returning to its outdoor program, we are asking artists and businesses to collaborate directly with each other. We won’t be match-making or doing a printed listing of pop-ups, however we will be promoting the event extensively (bringing thousands of people into the CBD over the evening). We’d love to list your details on the ArtWalk website, and it's a great opportunity for our local artists to raise their profiles and our CBD businesses to be a part of this fantastic event! Send us the details here.

Important Note: All collaborations are responsible for ensuring the agreed activity meets any COVID-19 Safe regulations (including COVID-19 Safety Plans) and hold sufficient Public Liability Insurance cover. For businesses this means best checking your policy for cover of artist/artworks in the event of an injury or requesting the artist to provide their own policy details. For artists Council will not be providing a Community Liability Policy this year for activity inside of businesses, and your host business’s insurance is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen art work. 

ArtWalk 2021 encourages:  

  •  Consideration of the event theme when creating a pop-up activity: Dungang: Nyiirun girranggang ginyaanggang biladiyn (We are more alive and happier because of the river) 
  • Artists to provide details to ArtWalk here, including pop-up address, short outline of the activity and picture (if available) to appear on an ArtWalk web page only (no printed collateral). 
  • Creation of own Facebook event and request 'artwalkpmq' to co-host
  • Tagging #artwalkpmq on all socials for ArtWalk to share. 
  • Helping to promote the event by sharing posts and promoting to your networks. 


Got a great idea for a creative activity, workshop, display, exhibition, class, or open studio running in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region between 1-4 October? Then register as an ArtWalk 2021 Satellite Event and we can promote you as part of our program! 

How? Complete an ATDW listing for your event (because without it, we can't list your event on the ArtWalk website). Important note: create your listing as an 'Event'. Click here for an online guide. Once you're done, drop us a line at [email protected] to let us know.

All Satellite Events are responsible for ensuring the promoted activity meets any COVID-19 Safe regulations (including COVID-19 Safety Plans) and holds sufficient Public Liability Insurance cover. 

ArtWalk 2021 encourages:  

  • Consideration of the event theme when creating a pop-up activity: Dungang (Hastings River); the river as a source of life and creativity for our community. 
  • Creation of own Facebook event and request 'artwalkpmq' to co-host
  • Tagging #artwalkpmq on all socials for ArtWalk to share. 
  • Helping to promote the event by sharing posts and promoting to your networks. 


All live music sets during the event (Friday 1 October) will be curated by the new Live and Local Program.  

This program is a comprehensive capacity-building program which responds directly to the need to increase participation in Australia’s local live music scene, and provides a platform for delivering live music activity that is innovative, flexible and sustainable. 

We'll be providing more info on Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s collaboration with the Live Music office shortly.

Register your interest in performing as part of the ArtWalk 2021 live music sets by emailing [email protected]


ArtWalk 2021 estimates it will attract up to 15,000 visitors to the Port Macquarie CBD on Friday 1 October between 5.00pm - 9.00pm. 

Attendee feedback from previous ArtWalk night events show an interest in visiting late-opening stores and purchasing easy to eat/walk food and beverages whilst enjoying the outdoor sites. 

ArtWalk 2021 encourages:  

  • Maximising exposure and offerings and remaining open for the main event night.  
  • Partnering with a local artist/creative/school or community group and create a pop-up activity in-store. 
  • Dressing up your own shop front with a creative display that can be inspired by the event theme: Dungang: Nyiirun girranggang ginyaanggang biladiyn (We are more alive and happier because of the river)
  • Creating a special ‘ArtWalk’ friendly food and beverage offer for the main event night. 
  • Promoting any special activities and offers by tagging #artwalkpmq for ArtWalk to share. 


ArtWalk 2021 will host an Artist Market at Town Square during the main event on Friday 1 October between 5.00pm - 9.00pm. 

Spaces will be limited so register your interest in taking a stall directly with the market coordinator, Marketplace Events, by emailing [email protected] 


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